if you have done French before, please take a Written Placement Test online on our website. Please include your contact details and we will phone or email you to schedule the Oral Part of the Placement Test with our Course Coordinator Shemara Panditharatne. 

If you are a complete beginner you can directly register  into any A1.1 Beginners course, either online through our website, by email, or by phoning us on:  081 222 44 32

Please pick your favorite schedule from our courses.

If you encounter any trouble during registration, please join us by phone on: 081 222 44 32 or through email: infoafkandy@gmail.com.

Please see our list of prices here.

Your enrolment might be cancelled if your course has filled up in the meantime and there are no places left on the course.

Please consult our Exams page, with details on our Calendar, Schedule, General Information and Exam Fees.

Our exam dates are held at a fixed date, no exams will be organised on demand.

The DELF (Diploma in French Studies) and the DALF (Diploma in Advanced French) are diplomas awarded to candidates who have passed an official assessment. They allow for the validation of competences in French at a given level. There are 6 levels (from A1 to C2) determined by the CECR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language). DELF DALF Diplomas have lifelong validity.

The TCF (French Language Test) is a test of Standard which determines the level attained by each candidate in respect of the 6 levels of the CECR. All candidates receive a certificate which positions them at one of the six levels (from A1 to C2) of the scale of competence of these standards. It is, therefore, impossible to fail the TCF. 

The TCF is valid for a period of two years.

Yes, if you satisfy our access conditions, you can enrol to sit a certification or a test with us. 

A candidate can only re-sit a diploma that he/she already holds by renouncing the acquired diploma in writing (letter to be sent to France Education International), before the examination session.

Warning: any candidate who is unsuccessful on the second attempt will lose the initial diploma!

This might happen when there are not enough students registered into a class. We will contact you directly and offer you alternative options, including registering you into a different class, with a different schedule during the current term ; registering you directly for the next term; booking private tuitions.
Should no alternative option be suitable, you will be entitled to full refund of the paid fee, excluding registration fees.

Yes, we deliver it on demand! You only need to bring an ID photo to the front desk (with your full name written in the back), and you will obtain your student card within a day. Currently, this card allows you to borrow books from our library and it will soon include discounts to our partners’ offers.