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Group Courses

French Courses in groups for adults, teenagers & children

We need at least 6 students to set up a group and take no more than 15 per group of adults & teenagers (12 for conversation classes), and 12 for children, to ensure the best learning experience for all.

New students

Students enrolling for the first time need an assessment. This is an essential procedure to discuss your needs with us and ensure that you are assigned to the type of course and level which suits you best. Booking is required and assessments cost Rs 1,000. Please contact our Headmistress, Ms. Shemara PANDITHARATNE at language.afkandy@gmail.com

Please note that complete beginners and children do not need to be assessed. During registration, please bring two passport size photographs for your student ID.

Returning students

Students already with the Alliance Française may progress automatically to the next level unless told otherwise during the free end-of-term assessment. In order to preserve the quality of its courses, the Alliance Française Kandy reserves the right to ask students to move to, or repeat, an earlier level.


All fees are payable in full at the time of enrolment. Payments should be made to the bank . (refer application form)

10% discount is available (on presentation of relevant documentation) to :

  • 10% for retired and AFK members
  • Rs 1,000 for any 2nd class and 2nd member of a same family (within the same term).

Please note that discounts are not cumulative.

Please note that if the term fees are not paid at the beginning, a payment of 2000/-surcharge will be added to payment

Refund policy

The Alliance Française Kandy is not bound by any error in, or omission from, the following regulations.

  1. Fees quoted in this timetable are applicable only for this term. No bookings are accepted without payment in full.
  2. The Alliance Française accepts no obligation to refund any fee, or any part of any fee, paid in respect of any exercise to be performed in the Alliance Française. Refunds may, however, be made during the current term as stated in 3, 4 and 5 below.
  3. The Alliance Française is authorised to make refunds to all students as follows: where students who have paid the full course fee notify the Alliance Française before the course commencement date that they do not intend to take up the place reserved, all fees paid will be refunded except for an administrative fee of Rs 2,000. Application for such refunds must be made to the Director in writing.
  4. Fees will be refunded in full should a course listed in the brochure be cancelled. A minimum of six students is required to open an adult class and a minimum of four students is needed to open a teenagers’ or a kids’ class.
  5. In exceptional cases of hardship (e.g. medical, bereavement), requests for refunds of fees outside the limits set out in 2 above may be considered, but such requests must be made in writing to the Director together with supporting documents.

Class Activities

Through lively and stimulating activities, children of primary school age build up a broad and lasting knowledge of the French language. Classes closely follow children's development and abilities. Our communicative approach ensures that every child is given ample opportunity to actually speak French.

Activities are varied and stimulating and include a range of fun activities suited to the various age groups, such as role-plays, mimes, songs, arts and crafts, board games and team projects. A variety of material is also used in class, such as pictures, audio and video materials. While vocabulary is important, we also aim to give children the communicative skills that will enable them to express themselves in French.

Class rules

Despite the playful nature of our courses, certain rules need to be followed so that class-time is productive and enjoyable:

  • Children should bring a special French copy to class every week and also a pencil case with markers, crayons or colour pencils, a pencil, a rubber, a ruler, a pair of scissors and a stick of glue.
  • Children should behave in a manner conducive to learning and be respectful to their teacher.

Aged 5-6 Years

Tatou le Matou (Tatou the cat) is specially designed for young children to give them an introduction to the French language. Children are immersed into the adventures of Tatou and learn French while having fun. Tatou is very popular all over the world thanks to its multi-sensorial approach to the language.

Children must start at level 1.1

Number of weeks Hours per week Total hours Price Textbook
11 1.5 16.5 Rs 7,500 Rs 3,500

Aged 6-10

Zigzag is a very playful approach to learn French through songs and fun activities. So let’s follow the adventures of Lila, Madame Bouba and the others and speak French!

Children must start at level Enfants A1.1

Number of weeks Hours per week Total hours Price Textbook
10 2 20 Rs 9.200 Rs 6,500

Aged 11-15 years

Le Mag:

Four teenagers get involved in a “young journalist workshop” and create their own magazine: Le Mag’. Follow the activities of Thomas, Zoé, Rémi, Maïa and Alexej and their teacher Nico as you create your own Mag’ too!

Children must start at level Ados A1.1

Number of weeks Hours per week Total hours Price Textbook
10 2 20 Rs 9,200 Rs 6,500

Workshops for children

You don’t want to commit to a weekly class but you still want your child to be introduced to French through games and activities?

Or your child enjoys the class but wants more?

So these workshops are for them!

They are fun, they are specially designed for them and everybody can join. So tell your child’s friends to come along so they can share the fun together!

Each workshop lasts 1.5 hour and costs Rs 500 per child

*For students who have the same level and needs and sign up together only

Please note that any cancellation should be made 24 hours before the class. In that case, the class is postponed. Classes cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the class will be charged as if the class took place.

General French classes

Our courses offer you the opportunity to learn French in small class-groups (max. 15 students) in order to focus on communication, to practise French through a diverse range of activities and projects, to sit the European DELF exams in order to officially assess your level of French using internationally recognised standards and the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

Complete beginners should start at level A1.1. If you study French before, please contact us to organize a placement test so we can advise you the best course.

Preparation to O/L and A/L exams

These classes are specifically designed for students who are preparing for the O/L and A/L examinations.

Workshops for O/L & A/L students

You want to do more to get ready for the exam? The AFK organizes regular workshops specially designed for you.

Spoken French for adults

Coming soon