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Tests & Assessments

AFK Level Assessment

For individuals: Rs 1,500 (On appointment only – please contact Ms. Shemara PANDITHARATNE at language.afkandy@gmail.com

This formal assessment is awarded by the Alliance Française Kandy and recognised by most employers and institutions. It is designed according to the specific needs of an individual or a company.

This assessment duration will depend on the skills to be tested and will result in an Alliance Francaise Kandy Certificate on headed paper. Skills are reported according to the Common European Framework for Languages’ level descriptors.

End-of-term Certificates

Free of charge

Terms & Conditions apply

Contact afksecretary@yahoo.com

The Alliance Française can issue students a Certificate of Attendance:

  • After the end of the course but no longer than a year after
  • If students have attended over 90% of the classes of the term

Please note this document is an indication of a course a student has attended (title, duration), not an assessment of the student's level and competency in the French language (see “AFK Level Assessment”)